Eilat Attractions

Dolphin Reef

Heaven can be found on an idyllic beach, surrounded by a blossoming botanic garden. Relaxation areas are available for your convenience, as well as a dolphin observation station on the floating pier – an idyllic spot for couples in love.... Underwater, a group of dolphins go through their usual routine of chasing, playing, courting and love. You can be at the center of all this beauty and fun!

Located at a 7 minutes drive from the hotel.

Coral Beach

The Coral Beach Nature Reserve is a coastal strip running from Solomon's Valley all the way down to Taba and the Egyptian border. There is an open nature reserve, inside which you will find the actual Coral Beach – a protected reef, rich with corals, molluscs, sea urchins and a large variety of amazingly colorful fishes. The "Japanese Garden" and "Moses' Rock" reefs are also suitable for amateur divers. A divers' and nature-lovers' heaven.

Located at a 7 minutes drive from the hotel

Underwater Observatory

At the southern point of Coral Beach, 8 km. from Eilat, you will find "Coral World" – a fascinating and breathtaking tourist attraction with a double underwater observatory, as well as spectacular aquariums, shark and sea-turtle pools.

A new exhibition of The Amazon River Wonders will introduce you to Brazil's wild life, including poison toads, piranha fish, anacondas, and more.

Another attraction in the park is the "Oceanarium" where you can watch a multimedia presentation of an underwater journey. Special effects and unique camera shots transform this into an experience you don't want to miss.

Located at a 10 minute drive from the hotel.

Kings City

Far more than an amusement or water park, this complex offers an experience for the entire family. You will find yourself transported through time, inside a castle, where biblical stories unfold before your very eyes.

Here, the entire family can visit King Solomon's mines, walk through underground caves, and watch ancient stories from the biblical times. A breathtaking boat cruise sails you through King Solomon's life story, all the way to a sensational slide down David's Falls. Don't miss the 4-dimensional flashback to the past, or the Illusions and Wisdom Cave visit!

Located at a 10 minute walk from the hotel.


This pyramid-shaped entertainment palace of breathtaking dimensions is located just across from the new tourist center on the main Eilat plaza. Here you can enjoy a 3-D cinematic experience, as you watch films on gigantic screens which create the sensation that they come off the screen and into the audience, including a diving simulator film that takes you deep inside an amazing coral reef. With the world’s largest movie screen reaching 8 storeys high, the iMax boasts the most advanced sound system and 3-D technology in the world.

At a10 minute walk from the hotel.

Red Sea Cruises

An enjoyable 2-hour cruise along the Israeli-Jordanian border, alongside the beautiful coral reef to the Japanese Gardens.
Cruise to the Israeli-Egyptian border (at Taba), to the dolphin observation point on a guided tour, accompanied by background music.

Eilat's marina is located at a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

Jeep Tours

A variety of fascinating Jeep routes around the Eilat Mountains, with top guides. Quality tours to the rhythm of the desert, with spectacular views from observation points, and a camp-fire tea break with traditional pitta-bread baking – a true desert experience.

Jeep tours reservation can be made from the atraction desk in the hotels lobby.

Tours to Petra

Petra tours leave the hotel for the Jordanian border. The 2-hour coach ride passes through Wadi Rum and The King's Road. At Petra we will take a short horseback ride (all included), followed by a 30 minute walk through Wadi Siq – an amazingly beautiful canyon – which leads all the way to Petra's renowned, huge burial temple. For those who find walking a problem, there is the option to rent a donkey trap, or take a donkey or camel ride.

Petra tour reservations can be made at the Attractions Desk in the hotel lobby.

Timna Valley Park

Timna Park is located at the southern tip of the Arava Desert, North of Eilat. The park offers spectacular arid landscapes and scenic natural phenomena - Solomon's Pillars, The Stone Mushroom, the Arches and the Copper Lake. The remains of ancient cultures, archeological finds, rock paintings, the Temple of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, together with ancient copper furnaces can all be found inside the Park. The new "Time Mines" multi-media display will take you back in time to when the Egyptians mined copper in this area. The Timna Park, warmed by the desert sun, offers a safe environment and a pleasant setting where you can spend time with the family and enjoy a range of activities, as well as many spots for quiet relaxation and enjoyable walking routes to through the natural surroundings.

Located at a 20 minute drive from the hotel.