Tiberias Attractions

Kinneret – Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is a well known resort and vacation site, with numerous beaches where swimming is permitted, with some sites offering more challenging leisure options and sports, such as sailing and jet ski-ing, water ski-ing and para-gliding. For those interested in a more tranquil activity, there are also regular cruises across the Kinneret (in season).

Tiberias also offers a boardwalk along the shoreline of the lake, where you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants and visit hot springs for your health and relaxation.

Luna Gal Water Park

The Luna Gal water park offers a wide variety of attractions on water, designed to ensure a fun-filled vacation. The park has gigantic water slides, large and small pools, water games and tube slides – all built and maintained to the highest standards. The water park is located near the shore of the inland sea and allows its visitors to take advantage of the well-appointed guest facilities at the nearby Duggit Beach.

The Luna Gal Water Park – not to be missed!

Rafting and Kayaking on the Jordan River

Sail through the green, rich flora and the magical views of the southern Jordan River in an authentic Kano boat, sensing the magic beneath the hull. And if you sit still for a moment in your boat and look around, you can even imagine eyes gazing at you from the foliage and wild animals hiding in the trees!

Hammat National Park & Hot Springs - Tiberias

Tiberias-Hammat (Hot Springs) was a populated city at the time of the Roman Empire, through the Byzantine and the Ummayad eras. The site includes the excavated ruins of Jewish places of worship, some of which have been reconstructed, as well as 17 natural hot springs.

The Hammat National Gardens are located by the Hot Springs, off the south-bound road from Tiberias.

Jungle Keif

Jungle Keif (Jungle Fun - Kibbutz Beit Zera Petting Zoo) Fantastic entertainment for all the family! A collection of rare animals from around the world: snakes, birds, porcupines, coatis, a giant tortoise, talking parrots and a troop of squirrel monkeys that blend into the peaceful, natural tropical garden setting. At Jungle Fun you can enjoy the mini-jungle, a wild life reserve, a reptile house, and a special petting corner, as well as spending time with the monkeys, feeding and playing with them without barriers. In a word – an unforgettable experience for all and amazing fun for children! Jungle Keif also offers a range of other exciting activities and attractions, a snack bar, picnic areas, abundant parking (with free spaces for disabled users) and, naturally, toilet facilities. Entrance is free to hotel guests.