Jerusalem Attractions

Mahane Yehuda Market

Everyone has heard of Mahane Yehuda Market, or the "Shuk," as it is known in Hebrew. A tour through the Shuk is an opportunity to experience its unique fusion of tantalizing aromas, all set in a feast of colors and traders' cries, amid kettles brimming over with delicious dishes heated over blazing paraffin stoves, as well an encounter with some trendier surprises tucked away between the fishmongers' and butchers' stalls. Believe it or not, at the Mahane Yehuda Market (or, as locals call it, "Mahneiyuda"), you will also find a wide variety of restaurants, espresso bars, designer jewelry stores, and even designer clothes. A great mixture of past and present. The recommended time to tour is on Fridays.

The Old City

Jerusalem's Old City is the ancient part of the City of Jerusalem, representing an area of one square kilometer, surrounded by the Jerusalem city walls. The Old City also includes Mount Zion, located outside the walls, but adjoining them. The surrounding walls were built around 1535-1538 by the Turkish Sultan, Suleiman the First. Touring the Old City is an experience that will leave you with a deep sense of its holiness and magnificence. Tours can be taken throughout the year.

The Western Wall (Kotel)

Jews around the world turn towards the Kotel Western (Wailing) Wall in their prayers, the nearest spot to the location of the Jerusalem Temples. The Western Wall, formed part of the Temple's outer western wall, hence its name. The well-known custom of the faithful is to place notes with personal requests in the cracks between the stones, and in the past there also used to be a tradition of sticking a nail there, prior to undertaking a long journey.

David’s City

This is an archeological garden on the location of Jerusalem's most ancient site. Archeological findings confirm that this was the location of the Canaanite city "Jebus" conquered by King David, who later built his own city there, known as "David's City". The 25 layers exposed at the site date back as far as 4000 B.C.E; among the findings you will see a Jebusite fortress from King David's era.

Jerusalem City Walls

The ancient ramparts of the walled city of Jerusalem enclose an area of one square kilometer, known as the Old City. The Company for the Development of East Jerusalem is responsible for the operation of the boardwalk along the walls, offering a tour on the walls via 2 different routes. David's Tower's fortress (next to the Jaffa Gate) is also part of the wall, as is the Temple Mount area. On some sections of the tour, you will be able see the walls' foundations on natural bedrock.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The Biblical Zoo re-opened to the public in 1993 in the Manahat neighborhood, in south-western Jerusalem. The new zoo is spread over 62 acres of land and blends in superbly with the surrounding hilly landscape. The zoo landscape includes a system of water pools, a large artificial lake and small interconnecting waterfalls, with shaded areas and wide grass pastures surrounding the water sources.

Mamilla Quarter

At the center of Jerusalem, where old meets new, nestles the Mamilla Quarter, beginning at the Agron Junction and extending to the Hinnom Valley Road (Gai ben-Hinnom). Planned by architect Moshe Safdie, the Avenue is an architectural jewel offering visitors a unique shopping and entertainment experience and represents the outcome of an extraordinary renovation and conservation project in the neighborhood, originally constructed in the 19th century.